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Answer: Can I interface MS Access on Unix?

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Q&A > database programming > Can I interface MS Access on Unix? contributed by LucidMatrix

This is slightly round about, but it works, I've done it for quick demos of this and that.

Use MySQL and create all of your tables in this. the same SQL statments can create the tables in ACCESS later, so you aren't wasting efforts.

Install the ODBC MySQL client on the windows machine, and connect it to the Unix database on the server.

Now, connect, don't import, .. connect/link in Access each of the data files you want to use in your ACCESS program.

That's it. Any information changed on the MySQL server will now also be live on your MS Access server. A small warning, MS Access will never give you the performace that you will have on the server with MySQL, but you can write all of the VB progarms you want and they will treat the linked data files just like Access data files.

Hope this helps and good luck

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