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I open up my prayer book

by linuxer (Curate)
on Aug 23, 2008 at 23:11 UTC ( #706460=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

O Monks of Perl and counsel bow down and hear my cries my programs fail and segfault my modules croak and die the lines of code entomb me the messages confound take not thy advice from me but give me your replies.

Inspired by a text by G. K. Chesterton; heard within Iron Maiden's song "Revelations"

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Re: I open up my prayer book
by EvanK (Chaplain) on Aug 25, 2008 at 03:59 UTC
    Programming poetry inspired by metal album inspired by another poem. We do span so very many genres here, nice work :)

    (And when I saw the subject line, is it odd that the first thing that came to mind was "I put on my robe and wizard hat"?)

      "Is it odd that the first thing that came to mind was "I put on my robe and wizard hat"?"

      Not at all. Many have been tainted by bloodninja and his, erm, 'ways'.

      I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!

      chomp; # nom nom nom

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