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Re: professional code review /help section anyone?? was(RE: Is PerlMonks economically viable?)

by little (Curate)
on Apr 08, 2001 at 17:08 UTC ( #70830=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is PerlMonks economically viable?

Ok, just an idea;

could you imagine to hang around at the hole day and night?
Just to wait for buddies asking questions?
Well if, so you could be the first serving professional and high quality perl support for paying or willing to pay customers beside the more public section. Cause for sure there are many perl hackers out there that need help in specific cases and where security is a major concern, so they want to rely on the service team to not discluse any data. But they would be willing to pay for a quick help.
So if you charge a PRO a monthly subscription fee for a quick and high qualified answer you earn money, and you will hjave to pay a part of that to perlmonks or the other way around. Perlmonks could be the provider for high quality perl help and support and would then have to pay out those who answwer these questions.
Ok, ok, my idea causes even more costs for human work, but that is a way where I see a solution for and vroom and for the those cool guys working on that support. I mean, to be honest, I could imagine merlyn (just as an example out of many) hanging out here all day and night and for sure he would get paid for his advise.
Ok, that would cause that some sections are not accessible to the public, but thats the point. A company doesnt want it's trouble to be carried out into the world or the net. Perlmonks does have the infrastructure, the manpower etc. to make that come true.
And for those who prefer everything for free : think about a company that provides such service, giving monks the chance to get a new or different or part time job to serve high quality support to paying customers. That company pays a fee for using the technology to perlmonks org. And thats it. Keep it simple!
Even though it looks alike a bit more, it's nothing more than just 2 cents.

Have a nice day
All decision is left to your taste
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