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Re: Is PerlMonks economically viable?

by arhuman (Vicar)
on Apr 09, 2001 at 13:04 UTC ( #70955=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is PerlMonks economically viable?

Just my humble opinion about this topic :

If we like the monastery as it is, we'd better keep the same spirit : Let everything free.

For the boosting the income several (good) answers were already advanced :
  • Donations (I think a paypal account is needed vroom)
  • Using our banners
  • Sponsorship
  • ADDITIONNAL paying services for ENTERPRISES
I think that we have here all we need to ensure enough income to the monastery without loosing its identity.

Let me go on a little bit further on this :

Donations :
They have the good side of allowing those who CAN to help,
without preventing those who CAN'T to use all the ressources.
Of course some people won't donnate even if they can,
but why should it prevent us to donate anyway.
Mirod raised an important point : to keep the monastery open, it must remain free.
(selection via money isn't a good think for a lot of reasons)
We all agree that this site is very valuable (if not priceless)
so let's just don't buy this new book and donnate to the monastery instead.
But again before all those good intents disappear (it happens)
we need a paypal account or another mean to donnate.

Using our banners :
Working on several sites, the least I can say is that our banners are under-employed...
I don't want ANY ads in the monastery, but I'm sure there could be a lot of
tech/open source/perl-related ads which wouldn't disturb the monks
(anyway, for those monks, ads blocker exist).
It could bring some incomes if we are disciplined enough to click on them sometimes
(BTW it would provide to even the less healthy of us a way to donnate...).
A monk with commercial skills could also will to help contacting entreprises
and selling banner on a site with highly skilled/motivated members and a high click-rate.
(A click campaign could be the next quest ;-)
If you're interested just say it (and contact vroom?)

Sponsorship :
I've seen few sites talking as much about O'reilly books as PM.
We are good promoters are we really like those books.
The same goes (at a lesser extent) with Addison-Wesley.
Some monks are even authors (Merlyn,Danger...)
MAY BE they could/would help being the PM's ambassadors to ask for a sponsorship
or giving us some contacts inside those companies.

ADDITIONAL paying services for ENTERPRISES :
Everything is yet to invent, some modules authors could help in selling their services for entreprises
(you know what you do for free for other people : helping them answering silly questions...)
As there's a high concentration of highly qualified Perl programmer here
(Guys you just don't know are worthy you are...)
we could setup a job board :
I know entreprises are WILLING to pay to post job offers on good sites
this has also the good side effect of giving some unemployed monks another opportunity...
Of course this is only few ideas, I'm sure you can bring a lot of better ones...

Anyway I feel that a lot of people want to help so we have to do it NOW !
So please vroom,tilly any other interested contact me if you think I could help in any way...
I still have (few) time left to help...

Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?
Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?
Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?
Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?
(/me is trying to mesmerize vroom with a subtle subliminal message)
Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?
Note to vroom : Did I ask for a paypal acount ?

"Only Bad Coders Badly Code In Perl" (OBC2IP)

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