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Re: A message for Anonymous Monk

by Intrepid (Deacon)
on Dec 02, 2008 at 15:55 UTC ( #727452=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A message for Anonymous Monk

As usual, not running with the herd ...

I famously do not allow Anonymous Monk postings to intrude on my enjoyment of Perlmonks, perl2008, and haven't done so for years now. (Since 6:30pm on 7 Dec 2005, to be precise.) I find that it helps me concentrate on learning more about the endlessly intriguing tool that is Perl, and not dissipate my time and energy on worrying about whether or not to respond to barking dogs.

A poster who won't take responsibility for what they post to a public forum isn't worth your or my time to read. There are already enough known (ID'd) participants on Perlmonks who will act like ass<headgear>s in apparent ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect ...

Another respondent to your posting wrote in this thread:

perl2008, I'm sure you must understand the concept behind posting questions in a public forum? Perhaps not, let me explain...when you post a question in a public forum, you are openly inviting all those who chose to reply, to do so. I happen to know of a secret weapon against the big bad evil "Anonymous Monk", want to know what it is? Stop posting questions and figure it out yourself.

I must disagree in part, if what is implied is that any posting to Perlmonks is an invitation to an Anonymous Coward to deface, spam or troll a discussion. Not every kind of Perlmonks posting consists of a plea for help. There are Meditations, Perl News postings, etc. which are examples of people seeking to contribute meaningful content to the site but don't imply a willingness to engage wankers in verbal combat.

I'd recommend that you and other readers tired of the cowardly noisemaking of the Anonymous Monks do what I did: go to your On-Site CSS markup in Stylesheet Settings on your Perlmonks Settings node. Add the following CSS rule to the stylesheet:

.pmnote-961 { display: none; } /* Make Anonymous Monk go away */
This will remove rendering of any posts by Anonymous Monk that are follow-ups to top-level postings.

It does not matter that other people will still be able to see them. What matters is your attitude and intention towards Perlmonks. Do you want to be a quitter, a loser or an egotistical dumbf*ck? Or do you want to be a serious adult with the mentality of a true Seeker of Perl Wisdom? If you want to be a True Seeker, you cannot be distracted by those who are coming from a very low state of life — a destructive, negative mentality — or you will be the loser and they, the winners. What onlookers think of you is not the point.

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Re^2: A message for Anonymous Monk
by koolgirl (Hermit) on Dec 03, 2008 at 07:53 UTC

    Well, I believe the key word in my quote was "question", when you post a question in a public forum, you are inviting answers. It's a pretty basic point...question = answer. I'm really not sure anyone could debate that someone posts a question, to practice typing or some other such reason...a posted question is inviting a posted answer.

    As for your recommendations, thank you for the help, however, I was neither bashing, nor sticking up for Anonymous Monk, I've never once stated a feeling or opinion on that topic any where on this site. I actually stayed rather neutral on that point, I was merely stating that posting a "You Better Stop Or Else" node to Monks because you were upset about the type of answer you received, was a waste of time and resources, which it most certainly is.

    Basically, I wasn't shaking my finger at this Monk for being offended at Anonymous Monk, or anyone else (the original posts which are reaped contained nasty words to several specific Monks as well by the way). I was helping point out to him, how many graceful and helpful Monks frequent the site, offering free lessons and advice in the midst of their busy lives, and it isn't fair for them, or anyone else, really, to have to read nasty threatening nodes while trying to help and offer their time.

Re^2: A message for Anonymous Monk
by moritz (Cardinal) on Dec 02, 2008 at 16:16 UTC
    Funnily I never found AnonMonk's answers to my questions more distracting or even insulting than those of logged-in users.

    If anybody repeatedly has such problems, it might be an indication that she/he isn't completely innocent either. There are always two people in a fight, never one.

      There are always two people in a fight, never one.
      I passionately disagree with Re^3: A message for Anonymous Monk.

      UPDATE: In light of Intrepid's post below, I should probably clarify that it is not moritz's post with which I am disagreeing.

        JadeNB is seemed to be a monk who passionately disagreed with the statement by Moritz: "There are always two people in a fight, never one" (and now merely seems to have been acting like a sufferer from schizophrenic multiple personality disorder, and that is beyond my interests or knowledge to figure out)...

        I also passionately disagree.

        That sounds like something Moritz learned through repeated scoldings in nursery school and it just stuck. It's one of the most na´ve dogmas out there, and one of the easiest to disprove. I'm not going to engage in one of those sophomoric pseudo-philosophical battles of word-twisting on the point, but I will make the observation that it is nearly impossible to have emerged from the US (or British I hear) educational system without having at least once been on the receiving end of physical belligerence by some troubled classmate, which one did nothing to provoke, and then been called to the office for punishment on account of 'fighting' based on 'reports' from staff who saw nothing of the start of the thing.

        It's actually very easy to get on the wrong side of people who have a drive to make themselves look better than others. Mostly all you have to do is to be around.

        Perlmonks is basically an elementary school where a significant percentage of the staff and students are merely in denial about how truly nice a place it is. New people sometimes make arrogant declarations about how uniformly wonderful the Monastery is without ever taking the time to check into the large body of contradictory historical evidence that is the node database. Then when challenged, they'll often synthesize a theory to explain why they are still right, and somehow it must the fault of the far more experienced person who pointed out their shallow knowledge of the place, that they have a different 'take' on it.

        It's all very illuminating to anyone studying group dynamics, mass movements, hypernationalism and so on. It's like a microcosm of society with a distinctly Lord of the Flies cant to it.

        The current tendency at Perlmonks' Chatterbox is to advocate a doctrine that the most fundamental right people have at PMo is to be as stupid and impulsive as they want to, and no choices made by others should ever be allowed to bring harm to that 'freedom'. (for example, a personal /ignore list.) This notion of 'freedom' apparently extends to include an unabridgeable right to access to the minds of others (through the medium of the visual senses) no matter what the intention, mentality or life-condition of the speaker.

        It's like the concept of 'freedom' being re-interpreted by morons on crack. No one ever mentions the concept of 'taking responsibility for one's actions' (again, except during synthesis of a self-serving 'theory' about why a dissident who doesn't subscribe the the group dogma that PMo is 'nice' is disagreeing ...); the coupling of personal responsibility with freedom that is inherent in genuine philosophical understanding of the concept of freedom has been totally broken, again, maybe in the process of lighting the crack pipe or downing the salvia or rolling the reefer or swilling the ale.

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