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Re: Corrector

by hossman (Prior)
on Dec 02, 2008 at 16:57 UTC ( #727461=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Corrector

May i humbly suggest an alternative...

#!/usr/bin/perl -pi s/this/that/; # substitutes this with that s/one/two/; # substitutes one with two

Run with: C:\filestochange

It doesn't have some of the interesting side effects of the original script, but i consider that a good thing.

Updated: there is no "i" in team, but there should have been one on the first line

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Re^2: Corrector
by jdporter (Canon) on Dec 02, 2008 at 18:28 UTC
    #!/usr/bin/perl -p s/this/that/; # substitutes this with that s/one/two/; # substitutes one with two

    It also doesn't work. Did you even try it?

      Nope, didn't give it any thought at all. should be fixed now.

        Ok, the perl program is now correct... but your calling protocol is still junk. I believe you're going to end up with a solution which is a convoluted mixture of perl and "shell", or else do globbing inside the perl program, not unlike what the OP did. Of course, it wouldn't be nearly so much of a problem on an operating system with a Real Shell... ;-)

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