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Re: problem with $ARG

by Random_Walk (Prior)
on Feb 05, 2009 at 10:56 UTC ( #741520=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to problem with $ARG

briefly, risolve is clobbering your $_ which is the default place to which you read the records from the DNS handle. $_ is a global variable so this self same $_ is then used as the key for your hash.

while (my $discard = <DNS>) {1}; # this would fix it

If risolve is intended to resolve the IP address of the hosts you can do this with pure Perl using gethostbyname. This will return a record that you will need to process to get human readable IP address, the linked docco explains how to do this.


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Re^2: problem with $ARG
by tweetiepooh (Hermit) on Feb 05, 2009 at 16:01 UTC
    The way to use gethostbyname can be illustrated thusly
    perl -MSocket -M5.010 -e 'say inet_ntoa((gethostbyname("name"))[4]);'

      -M5.010 -e
      can be written as

      is clearer as
      or just
      if you check if gethostbyname succeeded.

      perl -MSocket -E'say inet_ntoa gethostbyname(shift)||die "Not found\n"'

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