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Re^2: Perl and the Amazon cloud, Part 1

by jasonk (Parson)
on Apr 04, 2009 at 17:42 UTC ( #755465=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl and the Amazon cloud, Part 1
in thread Perl and the Amazon cloud, Part 1

So everyone should run their own datacenters, to make sure they can keep all the hackers out? That's a recipe for disaster. Running applications in the cloud is no more or less risky than running them on a colocated server, shared hosting, or any of the other places people currently run applications.
We're not surrounded, we're in a target-rich environment!
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Re^3: Perl and the Amazon cloud, Part 1
by zentara (Archbishop) on Apr 04, 2009 at 17:58 UTC
    I will forward your opinion that Clouds are secure, to the military..... I doubt they would even consider using it anywhere that counts.

    Seriously, we may be entering a very rough period electronic-wise, and the only people who have a hope of keeping their systems viable, are self-contained with their own power backup.

    If your priority is to save a few bucks, to avoid the cost of private data centers, with the knowledge that the system could be crashed by hackers, massive solar flares, or EMP bombs, you may be held negligent......if not by a court of man, but by the Big Honcho of the Universe. :-)

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