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Re: Why can't I install the DBI module?

by ishamael (Beadle)
on Apr 14, 2000 at 02:18 UTC ( #7560=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Why can't I install the DBI module?

if you are running perl 5.6, DBI (1.13) has a few issues one must solve.
edit the DBI.xs file, and search for SHORT-CUT ALERT this will be followed by a medium sized if-else comment out (using C style comments) everything needed so that the else function is the only thing there, and always run
itll look like this:
/* SHORT-CUT ALERT! */ /* if (xsbypass && isGV(imp_msv) && CvXSUB(GvCV(imp_msv))) { I32 markix = TOPMARK; CV *xscv = GvCV(imp_msv); (void)(*CvXSUB(xscv))(xscv) if (gimme == G_SCALAR) { if (++markix != stack_sp - stack_base ) { if (markix > stack_sp - stack_base) *(stack_base + markix) = &sv_undef; else *(stack_base + markix) = *stack_sp; stack_sp = stack_base + markix; } outitems = 1; } else { outitems = stack_sp - (stack_base + markix); } } else {*/ outitems = perl_call_sv(isGV(imp_msv) ? (SV*)GvCV(imp_msv) + : imp_msv, gimme); /* }*/

if youre not using 5.6, or if this doesnt solve it please post more information.

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