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Re: pVoice 0.01

by Sinister (Friar)
on Apr 26, 2001 at 18:10 UTC ( #75799=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to pVoice 0.01


Without beeing unpolite; isn't it better when you try to catch file opening problems instead of letting your script die...

I could imagine your daughter isn't able to restart the application her-self ... Generating an error message and letting the application return to the screen it came from seems a more humane variety then die (not only for the disabled...)

I've tried to run it, but after five minutes of trying I gave up. I'll try again tonight ;-)


Anyway... Keep up the good work!

Sinister greetings.

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Re: Re: pVoice 0.01
by Jouke (Curate) on Apr 26, 2001 at 18:17 UTC
    Very important -but very un-programmer-ish - is to read the documentation at the top of the script. It's explained there how to make it run.
    The whole script can't do a thing if it can't open those files. And my daughter is the user, not the administrator. I'm the one who makes it work (to be quite correct: this morning I was responsible for the whole damn thing to crash so she had to go to school without her pVoice :( Literally a crying shame ), she's the one to use it.

    But -even more important- this is only version 0.01...things will be better in the future...tonight will be an evening full of pStory (see my homenode for details...Tomorrow night will probably be a night full of pVoice...

    Jouke Visser, Perl 'Adept'

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