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Re: qt4 binding?

by webfiend (Vicar)
on Jun 15, 2009 at 19:00 UTC ( #771764=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to qt4 binding?

My first reflex was to answer "no" - I've had the same issue as you in the recent past. But it's there, you've downloaded it, and at least one person has successfully built it. That one person would be the maintainer. I haven't had any luck myself. The instructions after perl Makefile.PL -i /usr/include/qt4 tell me to contact the author, so I guess I'll give that a shot.

Oh yeah, your question. Is there a usable QT4 binding out there? Not unless you're willing to work a little to make it useful yourself. You should probably report your issues to the maintainer, who apparently resides here. Best of luck to both of us.

Update, a little less snarky this time: The maintainer's CPAN page and the Qt-Apps Perl Qt4 pages are most likely good starting points to contact the maintainer about this package.

Update, now thoroughly mellow and just pointing stuff out: A bug very similar to yours has been filed for QtCore at CPAN. You may want to pursue it, or you might just want to try the lovely GTK2 and Tk modules.

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