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Workaround Cern for Amanda status

by providencia (Pilgrim)
on Apr 15, 2000 at 23:34 UTC ( #7740=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Archiving/Backup utilities
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Description: This was created because the webserver is ancient that runs
the internal operations page and cannot run cgi as it's owner
So I couldn't create this as cgi(that's what our previous web-
master told me). So this program runs as root and still
gives the same information.

It's a specific solution to a specific problem, but you never know
who may find it useful.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#What the script does:
#Checks the status of the tape drive
#Then places that information into an html file.
# only without having to worry about the fact that
# the webserver can't run the command as it's owner. (CERN)
#   May not be a problem with Apache.
#   Comments and script written April 14, 2000

use strict;
#Sucking the output from amcheck and placing it in
#the varialble $status.
open (AMCHECK, "/your_path_to_amcheck/amcheck -s SETNAME |");
my $status = join "",<AMCHECK>;
close (AMCHECK);

#This displays the time
# placement is important here because
# it gets the time right after the status was retrieved
# more precise output than stating when the script was run as in $^T
my $time = localtime(time);

#The $color changes depending on TRUE : FALSE
my $color = $status =~ /error/i ? "#FFBBBB" : "#BBFFBB";
chomp ($status);

#Opening the tape-status.html file for writing
open (STATUS,">/your_path_to_status_page/tape-status.html");

#Print html to a file
print STATUS <<EOF;
<TITLE>Tape Drive Status</TITLE>
<FONT SIZE="+3" FACE="impact">Tape Drive Status</FONT>
<FONT COLOR ="red"><STRONG>Tape Check Last Run</STRONG>
<TD BGCOLOR="$color">
<FONT SIZE="+1">
close (STATUS);

#system("system_command") forks another process and is costly.
#It's nice of perl to have SOOOO many alternatives.
chmod 0666, "/path_to_this_page_again/tape-status.html";
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