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"be consistent"

Re: Confessional

by mirod (Canon)
on May 02, 2001 at 21:40 UTC ( #77432=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Confessional

OK, so I admit:

  • to posting way too much in the week before would jump a level in order to get there faster ,
  • to have gone through periods where I looked at the stats page 10 times a day
  • to have snuk into the computer room on Sundays while my wife was asleep just to cast as many of my votes as possible, just to get the xp's before making breakfast,
  • to have archived my first home node as a saint (except I missed the moment and it shows 3001 xp and a comment by arhuman in the CB saying "LOL, you missed it!"...)
  • to have posted much less since then,
  • to have rationalized this behaviour by pretending (to myself!) that this way other monks have their chances,
  • to have registered a second, stoopid, handle, because I thought it would be a clever joke (it wasn't...) (although I never used it to vote I wrote a couple of posts under that name),
  • to have been thouroughly p****d off by seing the rep of a post my merlyn go up while my follow-up showing that he had made a mistake was stuck at rep 2, talk about personnality voting, pffuh!
  • to have promoted some of my old nodes by linking them from new ones,
  • to looking at the list of my posts by rep and to be really sad at how little technical content my best posts have (and no, I won't link to them!)
  • to thinking that I am not the only one to have sinned and that the voting/xp system makes PM partly a game and that it is part of its addictive power, so at the end of the day those sins are part of enjoying the site. Amen!

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Node Type: note [id://77432]
[1nickt]: james28909 You lost me a bit when you said "show me evolution from intelligence to ignorance". I guess we would have to define the terms, but as I look around at my species and how we are destroying our habitat ...
[james28909]: seems like a person cant even have a belief without hurting someones feelings. i never said my way is the only way. i just said i have pretty good scientific evidence, and then asked for opposing side to present evidence
[james28909]: was downvoted and left without a reply. go figure
[holli]: but then you DO give a fuck
[1nickt]: I don;t think beliefs should be down-voted, just behaviours.
[james28909]: im not quite how to explain it any better nick. you evolved from ignorance to intelligence. not the other way. the universe evolves from gas coulds and debris into planets stars and galaxies ect. it doesnt happen any other way. hence it has ....
[james28909]: some kind of logic behind it
[james28909]: and that is also anothe rpoint i made, i think it has to do with perception of the world around you. most people think of evolution on a human scale. why could life evolve on this planet? because this planet evolved in this solar system. and so on.
[holli]: here's something for you to watch, James. I think you will like it
[erix]: for the record: I have not downvoted anyone on that subthread that was my fault

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