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Re: $thread->done() in perl 5.8.8 - catching slow threads

by imrags (Monk)
on Jul 07, 2009 at 07:21 UTC ( #777763=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to $thread->done() in perl 5.8.8 - catching slow threads

"Tid" is the thread id which is unique and is given to each thread
thread->list returns a list of thread objects, one for each thread that's currently running
foreach my $thr (threads->list()) { ##DO something }
Read Threads for more information, it's not best but you can refer it for list purpose.
Returns true if a thread is still running (i.e., if its entry point function has not yet finished or exited).
Returns true if the thread has finished running, is not detached and has not yet been joined.
In other words, the thread is ready to be joined, and a call to $thr->join() will not block.
With no arguments (or using threads::all ) and in a list context, returns a list of all non-joined,
non-detached threads objects. In a scalar context, returns a count of the same.
With a true argument (using threads::running ), returns a list of all non-joined,
non-detached threads objects that are still running.
With a false argument (using threads::joinable ), returns a list of all non-joined, non-detached
threads objects that have finished running (i.e., for which ->join() will not block).

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