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Re: Writing to file...

by imrags (Monk)
on Jul 22, 2009 at 07:48 UTC ( #782207=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Writing to file...

Depends where you are failing...
If you are failing to browse thru the directory, then here's the code.
print_dir ( "YOUR/DIRECTORY/PATH" ); sub print_dir { my ($dir_name) = @_; opendir ( my $dir_h , "$dir_name") or die "Unable to open dir :$dir +_name: $!\n"; while ( my $file = readdir($dir_h) ) { next if ( "$dir_name/$file" =~ /\/\.$/ or "$dir_name/$file" =~ /\ +/\.\.$/ ); if ( -d "$dir_name/$file" ) { print_dir ( "$dir_name/$file" ); } print "$dir_name/$file - "."\n"; } }
It'll browse thru directories/sub-directories as well.
If you are failing to replace the carats, then this will help to find carats in a string
my $string = "xyz^^ is strange"; print $string if($string =~ /\^\^/);

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