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Re: Test::XML::XPath doesn't match

by Ovid (Cardinal)
on Aug 12, 2009 at 10:33 UTC ( #787899=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Test::XML::XPath doesn't match

As far as I can tell, Test::XML::XPath won't let you do this directly. I'm unsure why, but it seems like you really need to find a way to register the XHTML namespace. You'll hate this, but the following monkey patch should makes your test pass:

{ no warnings 'redefine'; sub Test::XML::XPath::XML::LibXML::new { my ($class,$xml) = @_; my $p = XML::LibXML->new; $p->line_numbers(1); my $document = $p->parse_string($xml) or croak("Could not parse XML: $xml"); my $xpc = XML::LibXML::XPathContext->new( $document->documentE +lement ); $xpc->registerNs( x => "" ); return bless { xpath => $xpc } => $class; } }

The caveat is that you have to now use the 'x' prefix with your xpaths.

Update:: This assume that you're using XML::LibXML (which I assume you are).

like_xpath $html, '/x:html', 'An XHTML document';

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