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Answer: How do I concatenate a string?

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Q&A > strings > How do I concatenate a string? contributed by toolic

Interpolation using double quotes, for example, (see Quote and Quote like Operators) can be used to concatenate 2 (or more) scalar variables into a 3rd scalar variable:
my $s1 = 'Perl'; my $s2 = 'Monks'; my $s3 = "$s1$s2"; print "$s3\n"; # $s3 contains 'PerlMonks'

or using this syntax:

my $s3 = "${s1}${s2}";

Interpolation of array variables can also be performed to concatenate all element of the array into a string. It is necessary to unset the LIST_SEPARATOR ($") special variable, and it is good practice to localize this change to its own block:

{ undef $"; my @strs = 'a' .. 'e'; my $s4 = "@strs"; print "$s4\n"; # $s4 contains 'abcde' }

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