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Re^13: LWP - 500 Internal Error

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 08, 2009 at 13:39 UTC ( #794130=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^12: LWP - 500 Internal Error
in thread LWP - 500 Internal Error

Try forcing it
ppm install LWP --force
I don't use ppm often so I'm not sure if that command is correct.

nmake gave errors where it said it couldn't find Program Files - I replaced all "Program Files" mention in the makefile with Progra~1

You can install perl into "program files", but you have to police your path/config, see Changing Perl Config settings, example

C:\>echo echo %~s1 >shortpath.bat C:\>call shortpath.bat "C:\Program Files\Perl\bin\perl.exe" C:\PROGRA~1\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\>C:\PROGRA~1\Perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL C:\>set path=C:\PROGRA~1\Perl\bin\perl.exe;%path C:\>perl Makefile.PL
For future reference, its better if you copy/paste error messages .

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