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Re^3: Massive Memory Leak

by martin_ldn (Initiate)
on Dec 08, 2009 at 15:53 UTC ( #811772=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Massive Memory Leak
in thread Massive Memory Leak

There are some fair points there. To get around the ' (or \) problem I simply replaced the character with a - beforehand, which was a workaround. I have now looked at the DBI docs and have modified my program to be much better in terms or architecture and elegance. I have attached it in case it is of help to someone else :-) Check it out!

#!/usr/bin/perl use HTML::TableContentParser; use HTML::Strip; use DBI; use strict; use warnings; # Connect to database and create parser object my $db = DBI->connect ("DBI:mysql:newsbms","newsbms", "newsbms", { RaiseError => 1, PrintError => 0}); for my $path( 'modified', 'deleted' ) { print "\nProcessing the '$path' entries...\n\n"; # Create counters my $counter = 0; my $query_counter = 0; # Open the directory my $dirname = "/home/martinn/monitoring/newsBMS/$path/"; opendir(DIR, $dirname) || die ("Could not open $dirname"); # Prepare the MySQL statement my $query = "INSERT INTO"; if ($path eq 'modified') { $query = $query . " modified (id, name, title, duration, library, modified, user, rev) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )"; } if ($path eq 'deleted') { $query = $query . " deleted (name, title, duration, deleted, library) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )"; } $query = $query . " ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE duplicates=duplicates+ +1"; my $statement = $db->prepare($query); # Loop through all files in the directory while (defined(my $filename = readdir(DIR))) { # Skip special "files": '.' and '..' next if $filename =~ /^\.\.?$/; $counter++; # Open and read the html file into a single string open(HTMLFILE, $dirname.$filename) || die ("Couldn't open $fil +ename"); binmode HTMLFILE; my $html = join("", <HTMLFILE>); close(HTMLFILE); # Parse the html table my $tcp = HTML::TableContentParser->new; my $tables = $tcp->parse($html); # Issue the MySQL queries for my $t (@$tables) { for my $r (@{ $t->{rows} }) { my @values; for my $c (@{ $r->{cells} }) { # Remove the html tags from the cells my $stripper = HTML::Strip->new(); $c->{data} = $stripper->parse($c->{data}); # Add cell to the end of the array push(@values, $c->{data}); } $statement->execute(@values); $query_counter++; # Basic activity monitor if ($query_counter % 5000 == 0) { print "Issued $query_counter MySQL queries.\n"; } } } } # Close the directory closedir(DIR); # Finish the MySQL statement $statement->finish(); print "\nDone the '$path' table.\n"; print "Processed $counter files and issued $query_counter MySQL qu +eries.\n"; } # Disconnect from the database $db->disconnect(); print "\nProgram Finished.\n";

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