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FormFu, DBIC, and multiple tables

by uG (Scribe)
on Mar 30, 2010 at 20:03 UTC ( #831942=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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I've been messing with FormFu, and am having a problem with the following config:
<elements> name title type Text label Post title <model_config> resultset Sets delete_if_empty 1 </model_config> </elements> <elements> name display type Text label Shortened Affiliate Link <model_config> resultset Affiliates delete_if_empty 1 </model_config> </elements>
Each element needs to load/update from a different resultset model. To load the values into the form I am having to call default_values($result_set_row) for each table (in this case, twice). When I update, I do basically the same thing, but then I ran into the problem of having rows with empty values instead of the row being deleted. Now I could call a delete on the row, but FormFu has a model_config option called delete_if_empty. Setting this, it deletes everything I call an update on (in this case, 2 updates, one for each table) instead of just the table that is defined in the element tags under resultset. Do I have to check the values myself, and delete the rows if needed? Or is there some config i'm misunderstanding/not setting for FormFu that will make it 'Just Work'? :)

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Re: FormFu, DBIC, and multiple tables
by fireartist (Chaplain) on Apr 01, 2010 at 08:24 UTC

    'delete_if_empty' is for a 'might_have' row related to the root row passed to default_values().

    In your case, you'll need code in your controller to check for the lack of a value, and call delete() yourself.

Re: FormFu, DBIC, and multiple tables
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 31, 2010 at 03:31 UTC
      <model_config> resultset Sets delete_if_empty 1 </model_config>
      delete_if_empty deletes all rows that are related instead of just the row set in resultset. I want it to just delete the row it belongs to.
        I don't see how that is a perl program, code I can run and test and possibly understand.

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