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Re^2: how to get XML::LibXML perfect xpath query ?

by Kanishka.black0 (Scribe)
on Jun 13, 2010 at 05:04 UTC ( #844403=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: how to get XML::LibXML perfect xpath query ?
in thread how to get XML::LibXML perfect xpath query ?

likely i want the source to an array ... in second example .. /rsp/sizes/size (source&&url) in two separate arrays
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Re^3: how to get XML::LibXML perfect xpath query ?
by ikegami (Pope) on Jun 13, 2010 at 05:24 UTC
    my @images; for my $node ($doc->findnodes('/rsp/sizes/size')) { my $source = $node->getAttribute('source'); my $url = $node->getAttribute('url'); push @images, [ $source, $url ]; }
      when i tried to use the same xpath expression ...
      use XML::LibXML; my $parser = XML::LibXML->new(); my $doc = $parser->parse_file('yahoo.xml'); my @images; for my $node ($doc->findnodes('/ysearchresponse/resultset_web/result/u +rl')) { my $source = $node->getValue; push @images, $source; print $source; }
      <ysearchresponse xmlns="" responsecode="200"> <nextpage><![CDATA[/ysearch/web/v1/asin?format=xml&count=10&appid=sa +dfasdfaASDFASDFasdfasFASDFAsdfLwkYbXsNROPqpep8-&start=10]]></nextpage +> <resultset_web count="10" start="0" totalhits="12642427" deephits="8 +6800000"> <result> <abstract><![CDATA[Includes <b>Asin</b> photos, <b>Asin</b> goss +ip, <b>Asin</b> biography, <b>Asin</b> wallpapers, <b>Asin</b> filmog +raphy, <b>Asin</b> videos, <b>Asin</b> pictures, <b>Asin</b> awards, +<b>Asin</b> fan clubs]]></abstract> <clickurl> +MjMxNTI3MDIEYXBwaWQDUXpyMzVLelYzNEgxYzNVZUhMZ3lQck15NG0ySXBpT296QkRhT +WJ4Z2l1NGlFVmlMd2tZYlhzTlJPUHFwZXA4LQRjbGllbnQDYm9zcwRzZXJ2aWNlA0JPU1 +MEc2xrA3RpdGxlBHNyY3B2aWQDU0puLkNXS0ljcnFUcHZka2ZxVVhkWVFRZFdGNVlrd1V +nVjRBQWh5UQ--/SIG=11r57fk7t/**http%3A// +/asin/default.htm</clickurl> <date>2010/06/11</date> <dispurl><![CDATA[<b></b>/<wbr>stargallery/<b> +asin</b>/default.htm]]></dispurl> <size>77035</size> <title><![CDATA[<b>Asin</b>, <b>Asin</b> Photo Gallery, <b>Asin< +/b> Wallpapers, <b>Asin</b> Videos, Fans <b>...</b>]]></title> <url></url +></result> <result> <abstract><![CDATA[<b>Asin</b> was born in Cochin, Kerala, India + on the 26th of October 1981 in the Malayalam <b>...</b> <b>Asin</b> +starred in the original Telugu version, so she was the obvious <b>... +</b>]]></abstract> <clickurl> +MjMxNTI3MDIEYXBwaWQDUXpyMzVLelYzNEgxYzNVZUhMZ3lQck15NG0ySXBpT296QkRhT +WJ4Z2l1NGlFVmlMd2tZYlhzTlJPUHFwZXA4LQRjbGllbnQDYm9zcwRzZXJ2aWNlA0JPU1 +MEc2xrA3RpdGxlBHNyY3B2aWQDU0puLkNXS0ljcnFUcHZka2ZxVVhkWVFRZFdGNVlrd1V +nVjRBQWh5UQ--/SIG=11bj69fq1/**http%3A// +o</clickurl> <date>2010/05/09</date> <dispurl><![CDATA[www.<b></b>/name/nm1821791/<wbr>bio]]> +</dispurl> <size>32925</size> <title><![CDATA[<b>Asin</b> (I) - Biography]]></title> <url></url> </result> </resultset_web> </ysearchresponse>

      I am getting empty array's .....

        See doc for findnodes, you need to bind a prefix to the namespace (xmlns), so
        my $xpc = XML::LibXML::XPathContext->new; $xpc->registerNs( 'x', '' ); $xpc->findnodes( '/x:ysearchresponse/x:resultset_web/x:result/x:url', +$doc ) $xpc->findnodes( '*/*/x:result/x:url', $doc )

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