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PDL-2.4.7 released

by syphilis (Chancellor)
on Aug 22, 2010 at 06:51 UTC ( #856556=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


For those interested, PDL-2.4.7 was released last Thursday. Here are the release notes:
General Notes: * New requirements: - perl version 5.8.x and higher - OpenGL-0.63 - Convert::UU * New 2-D image display routine: imag2d() * pdl() constructor, a.k.a. PDL->new(), now takes string arguments with either MATLAB type concatenation syntax or PDL print output (for easier cut-and-paste from PDL shell sessions). * Improved text and comma separated value file input via rcols(): faster and more flexible. * A new PDL shell based on Devel::REPL (i.e., Moose technology). The new shell supports more perl syntax (lexical variables and packages), is more extensible (via a system of plugins), and supports many forms of file and variable completion. Install Devel::REPL and give it a try! User feedback welcome. * More portability (builds on more platforms with more features than ever). * Many bugs fixed... Highlights: * General OpenGL-0.63 is required for PDL::Graphics::TriD. Convert::UU is required for PDL. Karma is DEPRECATED and NOT SUPPORTED. Set USE_KARMA=>1 in perldl.conf to force a build. * New 2D Image Display Feature: imag2d() See PDL::Graphics2D for documentation. Add image pixel value display on mouse click in imag2d window Add keyboard command shortcuts for imag2d (with placeholders) Fix a number of imag2d() usabiilty bugs * pdl() Constructor Can Take String Input Allows use of MATLAB-style [ ; ] syntax Allows cut-and-paste of printed pdl values as input args for pdl() * rcols/wcols Improvements Much faster read times Multiple columns can read into a single pdl varible Symmetric handling of perl and pdl column data Improved format support for CSV file input * Enhanced PDL Shell (Version 2) Based on Devel::REPL which must be installed along with either Term::ReadLine::Perl or Term::ReadLine::Gnu to use the pdl2 features. Supports Term::ReadLine::Perl and Term::ReadLine::Gnu. Upward compatable with the original PDL shell, perldl. Adds completion and command line editing support across all PDL platforms. Adds support for current package and lexical variables. Toggle default print output via the do_print attribute. Default prompt for perldl and pdl2 is now 'pdl> ' help vars now shows results alphabetically pdl2 now runs (falls back to) perldl if Devel::REPL is not installed or if Term::ReadLine::(Perl|Gnu) is not installed. * Other Features Fix wmpeg() to use ffmpeg to generate the video ( feature request #3010984). Added tiled compressed image handling to rfits Faster matrix multiply Preliminary support for ENVI file format data in PDL/IO/ENVI/readenvi.pdl * Build Improvements: PDL build process now detects multiple PDL installs and warns of possible conflicts. 'use PDL' now loads PDL::Config by default. PDL "as built" configuration is now saved to %PDL::Config Changes file is automatically updated each release Add SKIP_KNOWN_PROBLEMS support for build Add checks to prevent warnings from access to $HOME when it is not defined. * Portability Fixes Multiple build improvements for debian platforms Improved portability across perl and compiler versions Reduced number of fortran dependencies Improved support for win32 platforms - PDL::GIS::Proj builds for win32 - PDL::Transform::Proj4 builds for win32 - PDL::Graphics::PLplot builds for win32 - PDL::IO::Dumper builds for win32 * 3-D Graphics Improved PDL::Graphics::TriD demos and examples Fixed problems with VRML support for many platforms. Better dependency searches for OpenGL during PDL build Removed warnings "noise" when used with perl -w New spheres3d routine added to PDL::Graphics::TriD * Bugs Fixed Fix PDL::AutoLoader to handle win32 PDLLIB path syntax with ; as separator. Fix PDL::Complex::string and sum and sumover ( bug #1176614) Fix PDL::Config does not match actual build configuration ( bug #3030998). Fix dimension numbering in PDL::Transform::t_fits Fix jpegtopnm problem in proj_transform.t Fix bug #53815 in IO/HDF/SD/SD.pd Fix bug #59126 in isempty pod Fix bug #2901170 re overly verbose warnings when running TriD with perl -w Fix bug #3011143 re whitespace in perl path Fix bug #3021578 re missing xtra dummy dims Fix threading with lu_decomp and lu_backsub ( bug #3021567) Fix uniq and uniqind NaN and BAD value handling ( bug #3011659) Fix uniqvec bug where it did not return a 2-D result ( bug #2978576) Fix uuencode/uudecode detection logic in PDL::IO::Dumper to include Convert::UU check Make PDL prompt/warn if space in build path ( bug #2924854). Fix up code to not crash on non-lazy linking systems. Work arounds for perl-d lvalue temp bug introduced in recent perls. t/lvalue.t is skipped if run under the debugger. Fix format string attack errors in GSL, PGPLOT, and Transform. * Many Documentation Improvements Completely reworked PDL web site - Clearer and more helpful to new PDL users. - See for the latest! New documentation: - Migration guide for MATLAB users. - Migration guide for Scilab users. - Threading tutorial. Major reorganization of documentation to better help new users - A guide to PDL's tutorial documentation. - A guide to PDL's module reference documentation. - A study course through all of PDL's documentation. - Removed PDL::Intro POD cleanup across many PDL modules and functions. Update to copyright statements throughout PDL to clarify licenses. Improved on-line help and apropos features in the PDL shell Updated FAQ Improved POD to HTML translation DEPENDENCIES for PDL updated and checked for applicability. INSTALL guides improved in the distribution and on the web site.
For Win32 ppm packages, follow the instructions on the wiki.

See here for directions relating to other operating systems.


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