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Perl Monks: Sorry for the wait!!

by vroom (Pope)
on Nov 12, 1999 at 03:49 UTC ( #8571=mail: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Hey there.  Welcome to <site_name>.

Sorry for the wait, we had problems with our mail server over the past
couple of days.  Our records show you haven't logged in yet, so there's a good
chance you haven't gotten your password yet.

Sorry to keep you waiting, here's the info:

username: <user>
passwd: <passwd>
real(tm) name: <name>

To login go to:

Love, the management
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[robby_dobby]: This anonymonk's post reads weird to me
[robby_dobby]: Other than the content, that Chrome would not allow submitting code sounds like something funky going on there :P
[erix]: lazyness-driven inventio :)
[erix]: "the dog ate my homework"
[Eily]: looks more like "all my plates are broken and I don't understand why. Also I can't retrieve the broken parts because the elephant in the room is on the way"
[ambrus]: Eily: also webpages aren't displayed on my monitor no matter what I click with the mouse, and there's a blackout right now, could that be a problem?

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