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Encoding SQLite Accents Ordering

by welle (Beadle)
on Dec 04, 2010 at 11:11 UTC ( #875357=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
welle has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:


I'm searching for your wisdom concerning an encoding issue. I'm reading a SQLite database with data encoded in utf-8. I need to the data order alphabetically and print them out. Here is the problem with accented characters. I am using the following code (it worked perfectly with an older SQLite DB without UTF8 data.

sub alpha_order{ $dbh = DBI->connect( "dbi:SQLite:files/database/data.db" ) || die "Can +not connect: $DBI::errstr"; foreach my $row_db ( sort { deaccent($a->[2]) cmp deaccent($b->[2]) or + $a->[2] cmp $b->[2] } @$all_db_orderd ) { my ($ID, $col1, $col2) = @$row_db; #encoding in utf8 for printing $col1= Encode::decode_utf8( $col1 ); $col2= Encode::decode_utf8( $col2 ); #Printing data out } } sub deaccent { my $in = $_[0]; return lc($in) unless ( $in =~ y/\xC0-\xFF// ); #short circuit if +no upper chars # translterate $in =~ tr// +AAAAAAaaaaaaCcEEEEeeeeIIIIiiiiOOOOOOooooooNnUUUUuuuuYyy/; $in =~ tr/'//d; return lc($in); }

As I said before, it worked well order->abco with my old SQLite DB (no UTF data). Now unfortunatly I populate the DB with UTF-data and when I read out the data from the DB ordering it with the above script, I can't order the data properly. I get something as order->abco

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Encoding issues in Perl drive me crasy.... Welle

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Re: Encoding SQLite Accents Ordering
by moritz (Cardinal) on Dec 04, 2010 at 15:58 UTC

    You're (probably correctly) decoding the incoming data from SQLite. But then you also need to store your script in UTF-8, and use utf8; to tell perl about the encoding of the script itself.

      I am struggling with a similar problem. I tried out what welle posted, my script is encoded in utf8 and "use utf8". It seems as the tr/ is not working properly

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