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Re: Build a relationship of devices from different lists

by state-o-dis-array (Hermit)
on Dec 08, 2010 at 00:11 UTC ( #875915=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Build a relationship of devices from different lists

First, I'll suggest adding "use strict;" and "use warnings;" at the top of your script. You use $tottopCount in your calculations, but I don't see it getting set.

As far as how to handle your problem, just to give you a start, I'd suggest doing one thing at a time, add as many LOWn to as many MIDn as you need. Something like:

while( keys %addedLow < keys %lowlevelH ){ for my $lowLevel ( keys %lowlevelH ){ if( exists $addedLow{$lowLevel} ){ next; } if( $mid{$midItem}{CNT} + $lowlevelH{$lowLevel} <= 35000 ){ push( @{$mid{$midItem}{LowLevel}}, $lowLevel ); $mid{$midItem}{CNT} += $lowlevelH{$lowLevel}; $addedLow{$lowLevel} = 1; } } $midItem++; }
Then repeat the process for adding mid to top.

Note that this is not tested and is incomplete, just intended to provide some thoughts about a possible direction to take.

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Re^2: Build a relationship of devices from different lists
by shawshankred (Sexton) on Dec 08, 2010 at 15:47 UTC

    Thanks a lot State-o-disarray. That is a good and efficient way.

    I was able to do it this morning by modifying my code posted earlier. Here it is, its ugly but it works.. Thanks again

    my @relation_Arr; my @TOPArr = qw(TOP01 TOP02 TOP03); my @MIDArr = qw(SVM01 SVM02 SVM03 SVM04 SVM05 SVM06 SVM07 SVM08 SVM09 +SVM10 SVM11 SVM12 SVM13 SVM14 SVM15 SVM16 SVM17 SVM18 SVM19 SVM20 SVM +21 SVM22 SVM23 SVM24); my @LOWArr = qw(LOW01:19000 LOW02:19523 LOW03:13456 LOW04:18992 LOW05: +19560 LOW06:18945 LOW07:19855 LOW08:12344 LOW09:17400 LOW10:18990 LOW +11:14566 LOW12:17896 LOW13:19000 LOW14:19523 LOW15:13456 LOW16:18992 +LOW17:19560 LOW18:18945 LOW19:19855 LOW20:12344 LOW21:17400 LOW22:168 +97 LOW23:19877 LOW24:18676 LOW25:13457 LOW26:12345 LOW27:18456); my $tottopsum = 0; my $totmidsum = 0; while($#LOWArr >= 0) { if($tottopsum == 0) { $lowdevName = (split /\:/, $LOWArr[0])[0]; $devCnt = (split /\:/, $LOWArr[0])[1]; $tottopsum = $tottopsum + $devCnt; $totmidsum = $totmidsum + $devCnt; push(@relation_Arr, "$TOPArr[0]:$tottopsum, $MIDArr[0]:$totmid +sum, $LOWArr[0]\n"); splice(@LOWArr, 0, 1); next; } for ($index = 0; $index <= $#LOWArr; $index++) { $lowdevName = (split /\:/, $LOWArr[$index])[0]; $devCnt = (split /\:/, $LOWArr[$index])[1]; if (($tottopsum + $devCnt) < 366667) { if (($totmidsum + $devCnt) < 36667) { $tottopsum = $tottopsum + $devCnt; $totmidsum = $totmidsum + $devCnt; push(@relation_Arr, "$TOPArr[0]:$tottopsum, $MIDArr[0] +:$totmidsum, $LOWArr[$index]\n"); splice(@LOWArr, $index, 1); ### Remove an element of t +he array $index = $index - 1; } else { next; } } else { splice(@TOPArr, 0, 1); ### Remove an element of the array splice(@MIDArr, 0, 1); ### Remove an element of the array $tottopsum = 0; $totmidsum = 0; $tottopsum = $tottopsum + $devCnt; $totmidsum = $totmidsum + $devCnt; push(@relation_Arr, "$TOPArr[0]:$tottopsum, $MIDArr[0]:$to +tmidsum, $LOWArr[$index]\n"); splice(@LOWArr, $index, 1); ### Remove an element of the a +rray $index = $index - 1; last; } } splice(@MIDArr, 0, 1); ### Remove an element of the array $totmidsum = 0; } print "@relation_Arr";

    Here are the results

    TOP01:19000, MID01:19000, LOW01:19000 TOP01:32456, MID01:32456, LOW03:13456 TOP01:51979, MID02:19523, LOW02:19523 TOP01:64323, MID02:31867, LOW08:12344 TOP01:83315, MID03:18992, LOW04:18992 TOP01:100715, MID03:36392, LOW09:17400 TOP01:120275, MID04:19560, LOW05:19560 TOP01:134841, MID04:34126, LOW11:14566 TOP01:153786, MID05:18945, LOW06:18945 TOP01:167242, MID05:32401, LOW15:13456 TOP01:187097, MID06:19855, LOW07:19855 TOP01:199441, MID06:32199, LOW20:12344 TOP01:218431, MID07:18990, LOW10:18990 TOP01:235831, MID07:36390, LOW21:17400 TOP01:253727, MID08:17896, LOW12:17896 TOP01:270624, MID08:34793, LOW22:16897 TOP01:289624, MID09:19000, LOW13:19000 TOP01:303081, MID09:32457, LOW25:13457 TOP01:322604, MID10:19523, LOW14:19523 TOP01:334949, MID10:31868, LOW26:12345 TOP01:353941, MID11:18992, LOW16:18992 TOP02:19560, MID12:19560, LOW17:19560 TOP02:38505, MID13:18945, LOW18:18945 TOP02:58360, MID14:19855, LOW19:19855 TOP02:78237, MID15:19877, LOW23:19877 TOP02:96913, MID16:18676, LOW24:18676 TOP02:115369, MID17:18456, LOW27:18456

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