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Re^4: How to skip certain values in a foreach loop

by samarzone (Pilgrim)
on Dec 28, 2010 at 14:31 UTC ( #879437=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: How to skip certain values in a foreach loop
in thread How to skip certain values in a foreach loop

You should improve the structure of $vars. You have n values in @AdminTime and 5*n values in @AdminEndDate 5 for each value of @AdminTime. Right!!!
You should keep only 5 values in @AdminEndDate, each an arrayref for all five deadlines of a day in @AdminTime. Now your @AdminEndDate array index will be same as that of @AdminTime.

For example you have @AdminTime as ('day1', 'day2', 'day3') and @AdminEndDate as

({AppEnd => 'dl1'}, {AppEnd => 'dl2'}, {AppEnd => 'dl3'}, {AppEnd => 'dl4'}, {AppEnd => 'dl5'}, {AppEnd => 'dl6'}, {AppEnd => 'dl7'}, {AppEnd => 'dl8'}, {AppEnd => 'dl9'}, {AppEnd => 'dl10'}, {AppEnd => 'dl11'}, {AppEnd => 'dl12'}, {AppEnd => 'dl13'}, {AppEnd => 'dl14'}, {AppEnd => 'dl15'})

Make your @AdminEndDate array like
([{AppEnd => 'dl1'}, {AppEnd => 'dl2'}, {AppEnd => 'dl3'}, {AppEnd => +'dl4'}, {AppEnd => 'dl5'}], [{AppEnd => 'dl6'}, {AppEnd => 'dl7'}, {AppEnd => 'dl8'}, {AppEnd => ' +dl9'}, {AppEnd => 'dl10'}], [{AppEnd => 'dl11'}, {AppEnd => 'dl12'}, {AppEnd => 'dl13'}, {AppEnd = +> 'dl14'}, {AppEnd => 'dl15'}]

You can now run a loop from index 0 to $#AdminTime and use the index number for both the arrays. You'll, however, have to modify your template code a little to dereference the inner array references of all five values corresponding to each day

- Samar

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