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Re^2: sql2008 Filestream

by ksublondie (Friar)
on Mar 01, 2011 at 19:48 UTC ( #890805=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: sql2008 Filestream
in thread sql2008 Filestream

Well, after using placeholders I'm not getting any errors anymore, but I'm not sure if the data is getting there properly. When I retrieve the binary data from the db (still have to figure out how to convert it back to ps), I'm only getting 161 characters out of the database when my original ps content was 1.3M. Can that be right???

...Oh, and the memory error is no longer showing up either...

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Re^3: sql2008 Filestream
by Eliya (Vicar) on Mar 01, 2011 at 20:07 UTC
      Slowly making progress...

      FINALLY retrieved my ps content from the db, however, I have discovered that I'm also concatenating the data inserted into the table. Selecting is fixed...back to working on getting the data in there. I've applied the blob update code from the DBD::Sybase documentation you linked, but now I'm getting:

      DBD::Sybase::st syb_ct_send_data failed: Server message number=102 sev +erity=15 state=1 line=1 server=SQL2008\SQL2008 text=Incorrect syntax near '0x00000000000000000000000000000000'.
      My previous insert was letting sql convert the binary for me. But, now I'm not sure if I'm converting the binary data correctly in this method or not.
      sub printTransaction{ ... my $statement ="insert into PrintedChecks (Checkid,[datetime],id,print +edby,data) values (?,?,?,?,cast(? as varbinary(MAX))) "; my $sth=$db->prepare($statement); eval{ $sth->execute(($checkid,$now,$id,$userid,'')); }; if ($@){ $db->rollback; return 0; } $db->commit; $sth = $db->prepare("select data from printedchecks where id = '$id'") +; $sth->execute; while($sth->fetch) {$sth->syb_ct_data_info('CS_GET', 1);} $sth->syb_ct_prepare_send(); my $binary = pack("b*", $print); #Is this right??? $sth->syb_ct_data_info('CS_SET', 1, {total_txtlen => length($binary), +log_on_update => 0}); $sth->syb_ct_send_data($binary, length($binary)); $sth->syb_ct_finish_send(); ... }
        my $binary = pack("b*", $print); #Is this right???

        pack("b*",...) packs a "bit string", i.e. a string consisting of "0" and "1" (ASCII 48 and 49), e.g.

        print pack("b*", "011001101111011011110110") # --> "foo"

        but Postscript content doesn't consist of solely ASCII zeros and ones, so this is most likely not correct.

        My guess would be that you don't need to do anything with $print.  Just treat it as binary data (any string is "binary" in the wider sense, even if it's ASCII/7-bit only), i.e. use $print where you now have $binary.

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