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(marcink) Re: Challenging votes

by marcink (Monk)
on Jun 23, 2001 at 01:09 UTC ( #90865=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Challenging votes


I understand that there are people who use their votes the wrong way (no offense, WrongWay ;-)), but all you can achieve by creating elaborate vote control systems is making all the monks' lifes more difficult.

I try to vote honestly. To me it's quite simple, actually: if after reading a node I feel I learned something interesting, that node is ++d; if the node is abusive, it gets -- (I --d 3 or 4 posts within last three weeks). Everything in between is ignored. So you see, I don't think I'm a Bad Guy (tm). But I definitely don't like the idea of being forced to explain to everyone what was on my mind when I --d or ++d their node. It might have been a mistake. Bad weather. A hangover. Whatever. Those things happen; live with it.

As for the /msg system, how about the details: who decides whether a vote explanation is good enough? Saints? vroom? Or will we vote on explanations (ooh - meta-voting system... /. anyone?). What about people with explanat-O-matics - I'd probably write something that would send the previous paragraph for me every time someone challenged my votes. Either that, or I would simply stop voting. Seriously, if voting on a node meant additional hassle I wouldn't bother - it's not something I'd die without. I guess my opinions|votes are something you all can live without as well, so there will be no harm done. But since votes are just another way of passing information to other monks, PM would lose part of its usefullness.

So, we have a voting system. There are some people who abuse it, but that's how it is - there are *cough*assholes*cough* everywhere. There are some sites where they are the majority; so far PM seems to have fairly good signal-to-noise ratio, both in votes and posts. There are some (my or other monks') votes that have, in my opinion, inappropriate reputation. Too bad. I might curse and swear at that, but I don't feel like repeatedly hitting voters' heads with a hammer until they explain why they did what they did. Some of them might grow up given enough time, be patient ;-)


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