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(ichimunki) Re: Challenging votes

by ichimunki (Priest)
on Jun 23, 2001 at 02:17 UTC ( #90886=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Challenging votes

I am opposed to this. I feel that in a system where it is very easy to rack up positive votes and even easier to gain XP, that downvotes get way too much attention as it is-- this only draws more attention to them.

I know I've been paying a lot less attention at PM the last few months, but I haven't seen any serious problem that this solves. And I don't know that you can solve the problem of some people just can't act civilized. I agree that some downvoting is for the wrong reasons, but I don't think I believe that this is the majority of downvotes. I mean, if we have such a serious problem with it, why not just remove downvoting and leave inaccurate or foul nodes to be considered?

If any changes are to be made to the voting system, I'd like to see different instances of the positive and negative vote classes, with perhaps more XP awarded to nodes voted "++, technical wizardry" than "++, funny".

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