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Re: memory leakage

by szabgab (Priest)
on Jun 23, 2011 at 12:33 UTC ( #911074=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to memory leakage
in thread memory usage and leakage

use Devel::LeakGuard::Object qw(leakguard);
and then leakguard around the for loop and I got:
Object leaks found: Class Before After Delta FileHandle 0 10 10 IO::Select 0 20 20 IO::Socket::SSL 0 10 10 IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_Context 0 10 10 IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_HANDLE 0 10 10 Net::XMPP::Client 0 10 10 Net::XMPP::Debug 0 10 10 XML::Stream 0 10 10 XML::Stream::Parser 0 20 20 utf8 0 1 1
I guess this means there is a memory leak.

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Node Type: note [id://911074]
[choroba]: ovedpo15 Hard to tell without context. You probalby used $dir outside of its scope, which is the body of the "unless".
[choroba]: if you use unless as a statement modifier, you can't use the variable declared in the modifier in the statement.

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