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Re: Preserving timestamps with Net::FTP

by btrott (Parson)
on Jun 26, 2001 at 00:51 UTC ( #91430=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Preserving timestamps with Net::FTP

I know this is not really what you're asking, but rsync handles this perfectly. Not only does it set the correct time stamps for you, but it uses a more sophisticated algorithm to determine "what has changed" that it needs to push to the remote server.

If you have ssh (with SSH-2 protocol support) installed on all of your servers, you could also use (bias :) Net::SFTP, which, in addition to providing secure transfers, will automatically set the time stamps correctly.

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Re: Re: Preserving timestamps with Net::FTP
by IraTarball (Monk) on Jun 26, 2001 at 01:02 UTC
    If only I were on *NIX. :-(
    No ssh but that may have to happen. There is an rsync like thing called robocopy that I'm looking into but it might create other problems.

    "So... What do all these little arrows mean?"

      I haven't tried it but rsync might work with with cygwin. I know that it is possible to get the OpenSSH server working with cygwin. It's probably a lot more effort to get rysnc, cygwin, etc. playing nicely together but might work as a last resort.

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