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Re^2: Net::LDAP q

by fisher (Priest)
on Sep 06, 2011 at 09:24 UTC ( #924338=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Net::LDAP q
in thread Net::LDAP q

No-no-no, that would be too trivial. Before posting I trying to search using attribute uidNumber,
attributetype ( NAME 'uidNumber' DESC 'An integer uniquely identifying a user in an administrati +ve domain' EQUALITY integerMatch SYNTAX SINGLE-VALUE )
with the filter 'uidNumber <= 1000' and still got no answers. Your supposition may be correct, but it does not answer the second question - how can I do a search with given filter, treating numbers as numbers?

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Re^3: Net::LDAP q
by salva (Abbot) on Sep 06, 2011 at 09:57 UTC
    The LDAP protocol does not support setting the type of the arguments in comparison filters. It is up to the server to decide which one to use.

    Anyway, I would enable debugging on the Net::LDAP object and see what is being send and received by the script:

      Thank you for a tip.
      Searching for uids less than 1000 and gt 500... Net::LDAP=HASH(0x22d4e +e0) sending: 0000 82: SEQUENCE { 0002 1: INTEGER = 2 0005 77: [APPLICATION 3] { 0007 39: STRING = 'ou=slurm,dc=lomonosov,dc=parallel,dc=ru' 0030 1: ENUM = 2 0033 1: ENUM = 2 0036 1: INTEGER = 0 0039 1: INTEGER = 0 003C 1: BOOLEAN = FALSE 003F 17: [CONTEXT 6] { 0041 9: STRING = 'uidNumber' 004C 4: STRING = '1000' 0052 : } 0052 0: SEQUENCE { 0054 : } 0054 : } 0054 : } Net::LDAP=HASH(0x22d4ee0) received: 0000 12: SEQUENCE { 0002 1: INTEGER = 2 0005 7: [APPLICATION 5] { 0007 1: ENUM = 0 000A 0: STRING = '' 000C 0: STRING = '' 000E : } 000E : } Ok Found:
      I suppose that 'context 6' in this context means 'less or equal'; according to rfc,
      LDAPMessage ::= SEQUENCE { messageID MessageID, protocolOp CHOICE { bindRequest BindRequest, bindResponse BindResponse, unbindRequest UnbindRequest, searchRequest SearchRequest, searchResEntry SearchResultEntry, searchResDone SearchResultDone, [...] SearchRequest ::= [APPLICATION 3] SEQUENCE { baseObject LDAPDN, scope ENUMERATED { baseObject (0), singleLevel (1), wholeSubtree (2), ... }, derefAliases ENUMERATED { neverDerefAliases (0), derefInSearching (1), derefFindingBaseObj (2), derefAlways (3) }, sizeLimit INTEGER (0 .. maxInt), timeLimit INTEGER (0 .. maxInt), typesOnly BOOLEAN, filter Filter, attributes AttributeSelection } [...] Filter ::= CHOICE { [...] greaterOrEqual [5] AttributeValueAssertion, lessOrEqual [6] AttributeValueAssertion, [...] AttributeValueAssertion ::= SEQUENCE { attributeDesc AttributeDescription, assertionValue AssertionValue } AttributeDescription ::= LDAPString -- Constrained to <attributedescriptio +n> -- [RFC4512] AssertionValue ::= OCTET STRING
      Everything seems to be OK, but *why* console utility 'ldapsearch' returns ~200 entries, and Net::LDAP doesn't?
      answer has been found, thank you.

        What was the issue? Inquiring minds want to know. Adding information as to the source of the problem, solutions tried, and one that actually worked will help those who come after you.


        Net::LDAP::Gateway contains a sample LDAP server that can dump the packets it receives as almost-human-friendly Perl data structures. It has served me in the past to compare and validate requests made through Net::LDAP and ldapsearch and solve problems as the one you were facing.

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