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An obfu by any other name

by teamster_jr (Curate)
on Nov 27, 2011 at 22:30 UTC ( #940286=obfuscated: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

$_='my($w,$h,$x,$y,$z,$b,$v,$q,@s,@u,@a,@d)=(200,350,1,0,1,32000,chr(3 +9),65521," 2582500861661521092082371081121531251811863301540361932582502020800771 +0624914813 6182133125230167124168161144241159090126154180197177188164129112226165 +1041421741 5419817714816414713424715507812817116320815809016217615419418718021414 +7111233224 172120142189","1734941700001632042184103200220081061764941740001632042 +2541031202 2011103213411176080051105147303310216047160213390060134162067278329162 +1141621443 1429918612011712529031715009015116230328116813214712729031729412603409 +7");map{@d =map$_-144,/.{3}/g;while(my($a,$b,$c,$d,$e,$f)=splice@d,0,6){for(my$t= +0;$t<=1;$t +=.005){$u[$b+$t*($f*$t+$d)][$a+$t*($e*$t+$c)]=$z}}$z++}@s;sub{while(m +y$n=pop){$ u[$n/$w][$n%$w]&&next;$u[$n/$w][$n%$w]=$z;push@_,$n+1,$n-1,$n-$w,$n<$w +*$h?$n+$w: $n}$z<5&&$z++}->(10*$_)for(1228,550,4005,2816,6943);$h+=10;for(1..$h){ +@d=(1,@{$u [$_]||[]});push@a,map{$y=($y+($x=($x+($z=($d[$_]||1)-1))%$q))%$q;$z}0. +.$w}@u=@a; $h=pack"N2C5",$w,$h,8,3;$w="x\1";while($z=@d=splice@u,0,$b){$w.=pack"C +SSC*",!!($ b-$z),$z,~$z,@d};$w.=pack"N",$x+($y<<16);for$b(0..255){$b=(($b&1)*0xED +B88320)^($ b>>1)for 0..7;push@u,$b}open(F,">rose.png");binmode F;print F pack("H* +","89504e4 70d0a1a0a");print F pack("N",-4+length).$_.pack"N",sub{$w=$h=0xFFFFFFF +F;$w=$u[($ w^$_)&0xff]^($w>>8)for unpack"C*",$_;$w^$h}->()for"IHDR$h",pack("H38", +"504c54450 00000003000b200006f0000004"),"tEXtComment\0".join($/,unpack("(a80)*"," +\$_=$v$_$v ;s#\$/##g;eval")),"IDAT$w","IEND"';s#$/##g;eval

(generates rose.png)
Updated to work in 5.8 & golfed some

It's pure perl, string/warnings compliant, and has been tested on 5.8.8 and 5.12.4 and on windows, ubuntu & centos, so i'm fairly confident it works everywhere - let me know if it doesn't


What's missing?

  • thorns
  • I might try and include BooK's encoder to actually produce compressed png's (without too much trouble)
  • I'd like to add some sort of anti-aliasing or more likely hq3x
  • It would be interesting to complete the png generation by adding filtering

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