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Re: Why do people say 'Perl' is dead?!?!

by eyepopslikeamosquito (Chancellor)
on Dec 12, 2011 at 02:11 UTC ( #943001=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Why do people say 'Perl' is dead?!?!

Perl, Python and Ruby are all excellent languages IMHO. All three have excellent testing tools and thriving QA communities. As a testing/QA professional, familiarity with all three couldn't do you any harm. In case it helps convince you that Perl is not dying, notice the top eleven languages from the latest Tiobe Index of Programming Languages:

Dec Dec Delta 2011 2010 Language Rating Dec 2010 Status 1 1 Java 17.561% -0.44% A 2 2 C 17.057% +0.98% A 3 3 C++ 8.252% -0.76% A 4 5 C# 8.205% +1.52% A 5 8 Objective-C 6.805% +3.56% A 6 4 PHP 6.001% -1.51% A 7 7 (Visual) Basic 4.757% -0.36% A 8 6 Python 3.492% -2.99% A 9 9 Perl 2.472% +0.14% A 10 12 JavaScript 2.199% +0.69% A 11 11 Ruby 1.494% -0.29% A
Perl increased (+0.14%) in the past year, while Python (-2.99%) and Ruby (-0.29%) both decreased. In any case, Tiobe rates all three as safe-to-adopt "A Grade" languages. I agree.

As for QA and Testing, Perl has excellent testing tools, a long tradition of testing (automated tests have been bundled with Perl since version 1.0 over twenty years ago) and a very talented and active QA community, notably the CPAN testers and -- a lot of their current work is done on the perl-qa mailing list and at annual perl qa hackathons.

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Re^2: Why do people say 'Perl' is dead?!?!
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Dec 12, 2011 at 04:49 UTC
      Can you please specify why?

        When I first looked at the TIOBE methodology some years ago, all they did was searching google, yahoo and the microsoft search engine (precursor to bing) for "$language programming" and counted the matches, and did some kind of averaging.

        Needless to say that this correlates only very, very weakly with the actual popularity of the language.

        I believe that TIOBE now uses more sources, but IMHO the stigma of unscientific approach and FUD still sticks to their "data".

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