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How well do you know your fellow monks?

by davies (Parson)
on Dec 17, 2011 at 13:00 UTC ( #944070=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Earlier this year, proving that XP is just a number and certainly not a measure of Perl ability, my name found its way onto Saints in our Book. I think it's a fair bet that everyone on that list knows Perl better than I do. But I did look at a few monks' home nodes out of curiosity and I noticed a few things that looked strange or funny.

Disclaimers: My view of the world is warped, and your warp factor may differ from mine. The HTML table below appeared fine in my scratchpad, but my HTML is worse than my Perl. All links are subject to change. Bugs may be fixed. Only monks in Saints in our Book have been included. Only the very mildest of link obfuscation has been used - just putting your mouse over the link may give an answer away. Monks may not be telling the truth. The monks are listed in the order in which I noticed something that appealed to me.

Which monk?This monkExplanation
Is the terror of the ethernet?This monkLook at the picture…
Has over a million air miles? Lives in the USA, so that's
not surprising since his company name implies Wiltshire.
This monkAir miles
Spent ten years in exile?This monkWikipedia
Taught Alexander?This monkWikipedia
Likes his chances?This monkThis node, among others
Lives on turtle?This monkExternal link
Pictures computer use as the DESCENT of man? This monkLook at the picture…
May not realise her userid is Regency slang for "Drunk"?This monkCan't find a reference,
but I assure you…
Has no writeups?This monk &
This monk
This node, possibly?
Is a goon?This monkExternal link
Runs at 1.77MHz? This monkWikipedia
Has the most writeups, although the number is stuck?This monkYes, please.Duh. Convert
the number to hex.
Finds 23 strangely significant?This monkLook at the copy of the XP nodelet
Used to be cbu?This monkThat's what he says
Is a sock puppet?This monkLook at the picture…
Likes quantum motoring?This monkLook at the picture…


John Davies

Update: just got the point of the stuck number thanks to following a link on JediKaiti's home node. He who laughs last had to have it explained.

Update 2017-12-17: that exile has now been revoked. External link

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Re: How well do you know your fellow monks?
by hbm (Hermit) on Dec 17, 2011 at 16:15 UTC

    Fun, thanks.

    Borrowing your table settings, may I add you another monk?

    Which monk? This monk Explanation
    Thrives on emissions, gasps where smokes are banned? This monk Look at the picture (note the window)

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