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Re: Doxygen Perl Filter on Windows

by BAJA (Novice)
on Dec 30, 2011 at 00:03 UTC ( #945570=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Doxygen Perl Filter on Windows

Hello everyone again.

Ok, first, I don't like fights at all, everyone has its own opinion and can give its own advices, so the person that asked for help chose the one he wants and understand, it does not matter if it is difficult or not, efficient or inefficient, slow or faster. The person that asked for help would know its needs and will choose the method that better suits its problem.

The main objective is to share information, not to point out what is good and what is bad as if there was only one way to solve something. Point out PROs and CONs, I think is a better approach.

In any case, I really appreciate all the comments in this thread.

Put all previous aside, let me clarify some things:

1- I have used Doxygen before, since I could reproduce some old C++ projects I did in the past under a Linux environment. So, I have a little experience using Doxygen, but I cannot say I'm expert or that is easy or me to use it or configure it, since I mostly used the defaults with some little tweaks. But I do know I need to install the program and need an executable on Windows. I don't know what happened, but I thought I mentioned in my first comment, what makes me think that there is a long way to walk before I can express myself correctly. :-)

2- I forgot to add the original Perl-Filter syntax when I listed the syntax variations I used:

#** @method public int mult (int x, int y) # @brief Multiply two number. # @param x Factor 1. # @param y Factor 2. # @retval Multiplication #*

And not even like this I couldn't manage it to work.

GrandFather, I do get the doxyfile from the .tar.gz file, I used 7zip program to "untarted" and "unhizipped" or simply extract the files twice to have Doxygen-Filter-Perl directory. You'll find the doxyfile in Doxygen-Filter-Perl directory, the same directory where you use perl, nmake test and nmake install. I wrote nmake because I have Visual C++ compiler.

Now, doxygen Doxyfile did not work for my project using the commenting variations I mentioned. But, after reading a anonymous comment, I started playing with, and wonderful!! the filter worked with the doxyfile in the tar.gz and some minor changes in the doxyfile as Bret pointed out (I did those changes since the beginning of this thread).

Because Perl.PM is similar to the Perl files I need to create a documentation from, I took out some lines that my files don't have:

use 5.8.8; use strict; use warnings; use parent qw(Doxygen::Filter); use Log::Log4perl; use Pod::POM; use Doxygen::Filter::Perl::POD;

and now the all the generated documentation does not work, the only thing that got generated was the description of the file, there is no documentation for the subroutines.

So, my question, does this means that the only way Filter-Perl work is if a have I package statement?

As GrandFather asked me for a test case, well, now I have something more tangible:

With Doxygen installed, in the following path you can see an example of what I want to accomplish:

C:\Program Files\doxygen\examples\structcmd

to which I want to add the feature of the documentation of generated with Filter-Perl. That is the possibility of seeing the code of a subroutine with a click on "View code" link.

As always, I'll looking forward for comments.


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Re^2: Doxygen Perl Filter on Windows
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 30, 2011 at 02:52 UTC


    I would like to understand what does not work for you so that I can either fix it in code or fix the documentation. Since I do not run windows, I am linux and Mac OSX, I can not try this myself. But I would like you to try this for me:

    1) You have doxygen installed and doxygen.exe is in your path.

    2) Download Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00.tar.gz to c:\temp\ from

    3) Extract Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00.tar.gz to c:\temp\Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00\ with your 7zip or the tar/gzip tools for windows from

    4) cd to c:\temp\Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00\

    5) So while you are in this directory edit the Doxyfile to change the location of the doxygen-filter-perl script to where ever you have it, or to use the one in c:\temp\Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00\bin\

    6) From c:\temp\Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00\ run "doxygen.exe Doxyfile" This should create a directory called doc\html\ here: c:\temp\Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.00\doc\html\ Now inside the html directory there will be an index.html. You should be able to open that and see the output of using Doxygen::Filter::Perl against itself. Thus see the internal documentation for Doxygen::Filter::Perl.

    Please let me know if that works for you. If that does, then we can start looking at why this does not work for your .pl file.


      Hello everyone,

      I'm back with good news. In this period without any news I've worked with Bret (the current maintainer of this filter) and he find out what the problem was in the filter's source code, so now he released a new version (1.01) that can be found here:

    • Doxygen-Filter-Perl-1.01
    • Thanks to everyone that tried to help and left its comments or opinion.

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