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Re: making editorial replies?

by Sherlock (Deacon)
on Jul 07, 2001 at 23:48 UTC ( #94760=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to making editorial replies?

I think a simple way to handle such a situation would be to simply /msg the author of the node through the CB. That way, you're not cluttering up the post so that it remains clean for future reference. I think most authors would receive such requests pretty well. What you're really saying is, "I really liked your post and if you renamed it to this, or changed this, someone might find it in the future and find it as useful as I did." I know I'd be happy if I heard such a comment. Then, it's just a matter of the author editing the node on their own or requesting such a change to be made by one of the editors.

- Sherlock

Skepticism is the source of knowledge as much as knowledge is the source of skepticism.

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