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Sending mail via godaddy

by DanEllison (Beadle)
on Jan 20, 2012 at 14:50 UTC ( #948978=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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I have a site hosted by GoDaddy with e-mail accounts. I'm trying to send out an e-mail using Perl from my desktop, not from my host, and the outgoing e-mail appears to be sending, but is never received at the destination.

I should think if Outlook can do it, I should be able to do it.

Following is the code I am using with the debugging output following that.

#! /usr/bin/perl use strict; use Net::SMTP::SSL; my $smtp = Net::SMTP::SSL->new('', Port => 465 +, Hello => '', Debug => 1) or die $!; defined($smtp->auth('', 'xxxxxxxx')) or die $!; $smtp->mail('') or die $!; $smtp->to('') or die $!; $smtp->data or die $!; $smtp->datasend("From: me\") or die $!; $smtp->datasend("To: them\") or die $!; $smtp->datasend("Subject: This is a test") or die $!; $smtp->datasend("\n") or die $!; $smtp->datasend("This is test #1.\n") or die $!; $smtp->dataend or die $!; $smtp->quit or die $!; exit;
Net::SMTP::SSL>>> Net::SMTP::SSL(1.01) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> IO::Socket::SSL(1.22) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> IO::Socket::INET(1.31) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> IO::Socket(1.31) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> IO::Handle(1.28) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> Exporter(5.63) Net::SMTP::SSL>>> Net::Cmd(2.29) Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 220 ESMTP Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> EHLO Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250-8BITMIME Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250 PIPELINING Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> AUTH LOGIN Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 235 Authentication succeeded. Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> MAIL FROM:<> Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250 Sender accepted. Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> RCPT TO:<> Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250 Recipient accepted. Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> DATA Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 354 End your message with a period. Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> From: Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> To: Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> Subject: This is a test Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> This is test #1. Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> . Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 250 Accepted message qp 26296 bytes +251 Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)>>> QUIT Net::SMTP::SSL=GLOB(0x353486c)<<< 221 Good bye.

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Re: Sending mail via godaddy
by DanEllison (Beadle) on Jan 20, 2012 at 15:11 UTC

    I just love how this site works. I screw with this thing for two days, post my question, and then solve it myself five minutes later.

    I changed the target address to another account I had and found my e-mails in the spam folder. Apparently the previous target account wasn't going to let me know I was getting junk mail.

    Anyway, I found the To: From: and Subject: all on the same line, so putting newline characters (\n) at the end of each datasend call fixed the problem.

      I am just starting to migrate our perl stuff to Go Daddy. Could you share a small "Hello World" type amount of code showing how you have Net::SMTP running on Go Daddy? It would save me a lot of trial and error I think. Thanks! Steve

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