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by Sigmund (Pilgrim)
on Jul 11, 2001 at 14:29 UTC ( #95633=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

and welcome to my homenode. This node has been totally redesigned in April 2002. Let me introduce myself, with a brief


My real name is Alessandro Melillo, and I'm italian. I was born in 1974 and I'm an Architect; for a hobby, I code Perl, mess around with hardware and skate my deck. Or was the first thing to be a hobby? ;-)
I started Using Linux in 1994 and never stopped. Some day, the world will be better than today.
I'm the webmaster of, the GulP! Website, that's the Linux User Group of my hometown, Piombino. Please, come visit us, and leave a message on the board!
Brother jcwren is gently hosting our site, so ++ for jcwren!
(this is not pushing towards "personality voting"!)

Misc notes

The image up there, is NOT a kanji. I mean, it's not an ideogram, but just my personal logo, designed to resemble a japanese kanji. If you take the upper part and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, you'll see an "A"; then, put at its right the remaining three vertical lines, which represent an "M", and you'll have just disclosed my "First Obfuscated Signature"!!!
My other one, is the theme of one of my posts, and you'll easily find it clicking the ling above to display the list of my posts. For those lazy guys out there, here it is:


perl -le 's ssSss.s sSsSiss.s s$ .$s\107ss.print'

but no spoiler, reverse it or look at the original post which discloses it!

Finally, as I practice skateboarding, i was so incredibly stupid to code a s‎crip‎t which skates for you lazy guys (still you...) who won't skate at all for all the damn life. It contains a pretty formatted block, in the shape of a skateboard, which actually hides an obfuscated secret screen for real high scores! Enjoy it!

My Location is:

Latitude: 42.966 East
Longitude: 10.516 North
And you can spot me on the monkmap made by OeufMayo's s‎crip‎t!

That's all Folks!

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[Corion]: But I should do a mock-up program so that others can see what I'm talking about ;)
[robby_dobby]: Corion: I hope you know all too well that passing around "fancy" datastructures is a recipe for disaster :-)
[robby_dobby]: As in, it's-too-fancy- that-it-will-be- messy-to-handle
[choroba]: bit vectors as keys?
[robby_dobby]: Hmm, I keep falling asleep at my desk, while maintaining an active appearance. Am I getting old?
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