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Re: A good editor for Perl sources

by trizen (Hermit)
on Feb 28, 2012 at 00:13 UTC ( #956557=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A good editor for Perl sources

Personally, I use Geany. It has a very good syntax highlighting.

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Re^2: A good editor for Perl sources
by davido (Archbishop) on Feb 28, 2012 at 01:18 UTC

    I also use Geany as my GUI-oriented editor, both on Windows and Linux. I like that I don't have to think about different shortcuts when I switch between environments. And feels light-weight; doesn't get in the way. I'm not a big fan of elaborate IDE's. I do some work in MS Visual Studio (non-Perl-related stuff) and for all its bells and whistles I still wish for simplicity.


      does Geany support correct/automatic code-indentation? When I took a look into it 2 weeks ago I wasn't able to figure out how.

      >I like that I don't have to think about different shortcuts when I switch between environments.

      indeed an ugly problem, I solved it by resetting/aliasing the usual control keys in emacs to mainstream - like x,c,v,a,z,f - which was tricky because I needed to elaborate some DWIM decisions to support the old functionality.

      And most people have such problems of conflicts with "muscle memory" of there fingers.

      E.g. I know people who try making there Firefox behave like VI with add-ons like vimperator.

      Cheers Rolf

        Geay is based on Scintilla (SciTe), of course it does (see  )

        I tried configuring vim like firefox/notepad/scite with  gvim -g -y -p , its very close but unvariably the vim-ness kept popping up. I'm glad I knew enough to esc esc esc esc esc :D

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