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Re^19: can't import using exporter

by Corion (Pope)
on Mar 20, 2012 at 07:43 UTC ( #960544=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^18: can't import using exporter
in thread can't import using exporter

Usually a simple alias BEGIN{ *var=\$DEBUG::var}; is what I remember working -- USED it TONS of times.

Now it doesn't work. Ergo. bug in 5.14. You can claim it is a bug in my code somewhere. It may be... But perl ISN'T flagging the error.

Remember the last time when you had "irrefutable" proof of Perl 5.14 being buggy? It was a one four line program, and the bug was that you didn't read the error message. Why should it be different this time?

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Re^20: can't import using exporter
by perl-diddler (Hermit) on Mar 25, 2012 at 05:03 UTC
    You seem to be confused. There was no last time. This is all the same question. The error message you claim I should have seen was seen, or rather, NOT seen by you too -- spurring you to go on and write a rather long (required to work around the bugs in 5.14), example of how it worked. -- Except that you don't use any of perl's basic error parsing and library statements. Those are also part of perl. That's were the error is finally working out to be. Never starting in my code.

    Errors were created in me using a module I was unfamiliar with and used for the first time. But that was in trying to work around the original bug -- on top of that the workaround didn't work either. It suffers from he same bug. Perl doesn't see the vars being defined in the importing module space.

    Thank you very much for helping me clarify where the error was. I was fairly certain I had correct code. I did. It really is verifiably broken.

    My ways may be unconventional. It's too bad several people here think that is bad and wrong for me not to follow the crowd.

    I will have to thank chromatic, though, for getting me to think about it again after I'd stepped away from it for a bit and getting me curious enough to write a real reduction of my prog -- that fully duplicates the error.

    You have an odd view... I make a mistake, I correct it and move on, yet you brought up the same spelling thing that YOU overlooked, in an earlier post, that I did. Perhaps you are more irritated with yourself for missing it?

    I known I make mistakes -- but correct and move on, or the problems don't get solved. That's the only way I've gotten as far as I have, is by making alot of mistakes, and correcting them and moving on. But hey, I know other people, they say their stuff doesn't smell... Great. I'm not one of them. (would have been nice!)....

      By "the last time" I meant to refer you to this post of yours, where you claimed to have found "extraordinary" (your word) proof for 5.14 being buggy. At least I read that post to that intent. In the replies to it, it was shown that you simply failed to understand the error message Perl gave you. I expect more diligence from somebody who claims bugs in Perl.

      If you continue to claim that your code is correct, please post that self-contained short program (less than 10 lines) that reproduces the bug, and also the Perl version number on which it works and the Perl version number on which it fails. None of the code you already posted does work differently on any version of Perl 5.

      Personally, I recommend that you review Re^23: can't import using exporter and the documentation for the "use" keyword so you understand what steps a use statement consists of, and in what order they happen in your code. Once you've understood that, it should become obvious why your code cannot work and its behaviour is a bug in your code and not in Perl.

      You seem to be confused...


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