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Re^2: Population of HoAoA based on file contents

by state-o-dis-array (Hermit)
on May 15, 2012 at 14:46 UTC ( #970650=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Population of HoAoA based on file contents
in thread Population of HoAoA based on file contents

It seems to me that this would do what you are trying to accomplish.
while (<$in_file>) { chomp; if (/^SAMPLE/) { my ( $placeholder, @coords ) = split /,/; foreach my $coord (@coords) { push @snp_bins, int( $coord / 100_000 ); } } else { my ( $id, @snps ) = split /,/; #need to check here that $#snps == $#snp_bins ? foreach my $index ( 0 .. $#snp_bins ) { push( @{ $data{$id}[ $snp_bins[$index] ] }, $snps[$index] ); } } }
Unless you need them elsewhere, I don't see a reason in your code snippent to store @individuals and @all_snps. The "need to check" comment above is based on my attempt to understand your last statement above. If it's possible that @snps might not have an entry for each @snp_bins, then you'll want this check.

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