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Considered and aborted

by stevieb (Abbot)
on Jun 12, 2012 at 06:37 UTC ( #975696=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I write Perl,
but not very well,
if I counted on XP,
I'd probably be in hell,
but isn't that what this is,
PerlMonks is a 'dive',
I've survived my own lies and somehow stayed alive,
post code or die,
put in effort and at least try,
I love my job at PerlMonks even when I get two votes and not five,
I've grown up wonders,
even though I rap better than I code,
but that's ok,
as it's something the whole world knows,
I love the criticism,
and the strong truth,
but isn't this why the newbs come here to you?,

they don't come for mental alignment,
they ain't here for psychologogal consignment,
they're here cuz the're newb's with haven't none,
of the laws of Larry's confinement,
we show them the ropes,
with closeness,
diligence instead of misappropriateness,
tell them we don't do homework,
but we don't condemn other monks importantness,
I'm a religion of sorts,
I'll slam what is disorted,
don't put down quality posts of monks,
of the time they've afforded of the quality they've reported,
but like hip-hop,
I'll smash you when all you respond with,
should be Considered and Aborted.

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