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Re: Is PerlMonks relevant for one's Perl marketability?

by itnomad (Scribe)
on Sep 07, 2012 at 22:22 UTC ( #992392=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is PerlMonks relevant for one's Perl marketability?

Although I have earned a living as a perl programmer in the past, I really don't have the kind of education or experience that is going to get me hired. I know opportunities will present themselves in the future, and I have to be as ready as I can. I must be able to understand the requirements and do useful stuff from day one.

My job now is to prepare myself as best I can for that day. I am reading, studying, doing all the exercises, and everything else I can think of. I'm level one here, but starting now, my goal is to become as much of an expert as I can.

PerlMonks is helpful. Most of my time here lately has been in the Meditations section. But, also The Gates, Cool Uses, Recent Threads; there are just so many ways here to get useful information. I've actually been a member for over 5 years. The tutorials have been helpful many times. There is real code to review. The people here that really know Perl are available and willing to help. There are a lot of interesting sections: Perl News, Poetry, Obfuscation, etc. It would be great if helps my marketability, but this is only one aspect of why the site is so important to me.

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