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Re^4: Scrape Yahoo Financial Historical- Process Dataset - format and create dynamic page

by tbone654 (Beadle)
on Sep 23, 2012 at 05:27 UTC ( #995166=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Comment on Re^4: Scrape Yahoo Financial Historical- Process Dataset - format and create dynamic page
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Re^5: Scrape Yahoo Financial Historical- Process Dataset - format and create dynamic page
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 23, 2012 at 05:42 UTC

      So, what I think I'm hearing you suggest -- is that rather than trying to get yahoo to install a perl module into it's /usr/bin/perl structure on all their web servers -- it's possible to build a stripped down perl with all the modules required built right into it, and upload that package and all the related files somewhere in the path I own, and then somehow point to that build rather than the default for the yahoo server?

      Now to be more specific, I build something like citrusperl on my laptop or wherever, add the CPAN perl modules I need to that, then use cavapackager to build a binary package that I can upload to somewhere in the tree to my site? Then I guess I change the path to the new perl instance in my script to use my version of perl somehow? I anticipate that I would need some symbolic links at worst...

      Is that the idea? -- thank you for sticking with me on this by the way, I do appreciate it...

      It seems like I could install cygwin somewhere without perl, then install citrusperl, cava package it, upload it to yahoo, test it, and keep the cygwin environment because I will probably wish to add functionality over time. Then I just refresh the upload whenever I add a non-standard module, and back in business for more? correct?

        Um, kinda, the general idea, yes :)

        First idea I would try is to read the docs for your hosting plan :) they explain how/to install what, what you're allowed to install, things like that, so you don't waste your time or piss them off :) -- look above, offers hosting plans that allow you to install any perl you want :)

        Then, if have shell access, use cpan/cpanm ... with INSTALL_BASE to install prerequisites

        Or install a modern perl (like 5.14/5.16) with all prerequisites

        If no shell access, use to do the same ( linked via Installing modules without root and shell via Yes, even you can use CPAN )

        cpanminus is zero config cpan replacement, might make the installing go smoother

        If and only if the above directions fail, go through the hassle of installing a virtual machine, with same/equivalent operating system as what your webhost has,

        Then you can install whatever binary perl distribution you want (strawberry/activestate/citrusperl ), install all the modules you need,

        Then either pack a single executable using perlapp, par/pp, cavapackager

        Or pack a complete distribution , either DIY whole directory tree with activeperl/Strawberry, or use citrusperl, it comes with a nice GUI for creating distributions

        perlapp supposedly can target other platforms, doesn't require a virtual machine, but still requires all the prereqs to be available for that platform via ppm , and there might be some licensing issue -- I've no experience with this

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