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Re: enoeding iso 8859 issue within a datadump

by bart (Canon)
on Oct 06, 2012 at 12:18 UTC ( #997621=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to enoeding iso 8859 issue within a datadump

to print to a file instead of printing at the screen, we just have to change:
say $text;
print $OUT_FILE $text;
Well, that's ignoring the most important distinction between say and print: that say adds a newline at the end. And you can add a filehandle argument to say. So you'd better do:
say $OUT_FILE $text;
If you set
or even
$OUT_FILE = select;
then you don't even have to swap code out code.

As far as your problem concerns: look at Perl I/O Layers, in particular the :utf8 and :encoding layers.

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Re^2: enoeding iso 8859 issue within a datadump
by Perlbeginner1 (Scribe) on Oct 06, 2012 at 13:15 UTC
    hello dear bart

    many many thanks to you!! GREAT !! Well you help me with some very importing steps and insights into perl.

    btw. i have a major problem here - i have to get from text to CSV....see

    Loosdorf Ledochowskastra�e 4 3382 Loosdorf Telefonnummer: 0123 4567 FAX-Nummer: 00123 4567-4

    i would be very very happy. Note: there also a Encoding issues is: see the Ledochowskastra�e - there is a sign in it "" so we have to take care for the iso 8859 encoding dont we!?

    Well i love if you can give some hints and helping hands. That would be very very supportive. Note;: this is a great gerat chance f or me to learn alot about Perl, and the options and power of Mechanize.

    see more results:
    Marias Neustift Neustifttown 28 4443 Marias Neussstift Telefonnummer: 007250/204 FAX-Nummer: 07250/204-4 E-Mail:
    Marias Puchheim Gmundnertown Stra�e 1b 4800 Attnanger-Puchheim Telefonnummer: 007674/62334 FAX-Nummer: 07674/62334-4 E-Mail:
    Marias Scharten Schartenstown 1 4612 Schartensbook Telefonnummer: 007272/5210
    Marias Schmolln Maria Schmollntown 2 5241 Maria Schmolln Telefonnummer: 007743/2209-12 FAX-Nummer: 07743/2209-17 E-Mail:
    Mattighofen R�merstra�e 12 5230 Mattighofentown Telefonnummer: 007742/2273 0676/87765221 FAX-Nummer: 07742/2273-22 E-Mail:
    Mauerkirchens Pfarrhofstra�e 4 5270 Mauerkirchentown Telefonnummer: 007724/2262

    well i want to delimiter between the different parts of the adress.:

    well you see - we have a encoding iso 8859 issue here.

    waht can we do!? And the major question is - how to delimiter the parts in the bigbig junk of data

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