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Re: Getting deep data from SOAP::Lite Result

by kcott (Chancellor)
on Oct 17, 2012 at 09:02 UTC ( #999495=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Getting deep data from SOAP::Lite Result

G'day Roboz,

Firstly, the data structure you present is invalid. In the code below, I've added a closing brace to 'Mineral' => { .... Also, you show $Var1 as being a reference to a hashref: I don't know if that's correct or another typo - the following code assumes it is correct.

This code shows how you might go about achieving what you're after. I'll leave you to make adjustments for whatever typos may exist.

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; my $SOAPresult = \{ 'Thing' => [ { 'Animal' => { 'ThingName' => 'Dog', 'ThingID' => '123' } }, { 'Veg' => { 'ThingName' => 'Carrot', 'ThingID' => '42' } }, { 'Mineral' => { 'ThingName' => 'Talc', 'ThingID' => '007' } } ] }; my $SOAPresult_deref = $$SOAPresult; my @types = qw{Animal Veg Mineral}; for my $type (@types) { foreach my $e ( @{ $SOAPresult_deref->{Thing} } ) { next unless exists $e->{$type}; print "Wildcard = $type\n"; print "$e->{$type}{ThingName}\n"; } }


$ Wildcard = Animal Dog Wildcard = Veg Carrot Wildcard = Mineral Talc

-- Ken

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Re^2: Getting deep data from SOAP::Lite Result
by Roboz (Novice) on Oct 17, 2012 at 09:20 UTC

    Thanks for catching that closing bracket. I'm working on an offline system so I have to manually transcribe vs. cut-n-paste... Your assumption is correct, $Var1 is a reference. I was trying to just read the ThingName without knowing (or caring) what type it was. I used animal, veg and mineral as a stand in for a long list of specifics that I don't have access to, alas. I would rather use an XPath statement with valueof but I always get the "Can't call method "valueof" without a package or object reference..." error.

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