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Re: www::mechanize executable

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 18, 2012 at 07:05 UTC ( #999689=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to www::mechanize executable

Hi fixon,
it does not execute, i.e does not create the excel file

How are you using pp(PAR Packager) to make your executable? Using pp like so works for me:

pp -o perlscript.exe

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Re^2: www::mechanize executable
by fixon (Initiate) on Oct 18, 2012 at 16:25 UTC

    I did exactly that for the pp to create the .exe package

    Here is my code, please take a quick look if you see anything that might be causing the problem when creating the .exe. Thank you very much

    use strict; use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel; use WWW::Mechanize; # Create a new instance of Mechanize my $bot = WWW::Mechanize->new(); $bot->agent_alias( 'Windows Mozilla' ); # Connect to the login page my $response = $bot->get( '' ); # Get the login form. You might need to change the number. $bot->form_number(3); # Enter the login credentials. $bot->field( username => 'username' ); $bot->field( password => 'password' ); $response = $bot->click(); my $outfile = "out.txt"; open(OUTFILE, ">$outfile"); print OUTFILE $response->decoded_content; close(OUTFILE); open(FILE,$outfile); my @releasesAU; my @releasesAU3G; while (<FILE>) { chomp; my $lineDATA = $_; if(index($lineDATA, "H") != -1){ if( $lineDATA =~ /">([_+\w]*)<\/a>/){ print $1, "\n"; push(@releasesAU3G,$1); } } if(index($lineDATA, "H+") != -1){ if( $lineDATA =~ /">([_+\w]*)<\/a>/){ print $1, "\n"; push(@releasesAU,$1); } } } close(FILE); my $row = 0; my $col=0; my $workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new("test.xls"); my $worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet(); $worksheet->write($row, $col, "Releases H"); $worksheet->write($row, $col+1, "Releases H+"); $row=2; foreach my $SOP (@releasesAU){ $worksheet->write($row, $col, $SOP); $row = $row+1; } $row =2; foreach my $SOP (@releasesAU3G){ $worksheet->write($row, $col+1, $SOP); $row = $row+1; } $workbook->close();

      Have you inspected whether LWP::Protocol::https (and other dynamically loaded prerequisites of your script) are included in the generated executable?

        I have tried adding what you suggested use LWP::Protocol::https to my code, but nothing has changed How can I verify allthe automatically generated dependencies for my code? Maybe the problem is only that... thank you

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