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Sometimes, when choosing between distributions to install, it helps to see what you need to install, before you actually install it. CPAN Dependencies is a great utility for this, but it's helpful to have something extra: to be able to see what you still need to install. This way, you can predict how long it will take for something to install.
That information is useful to me, because I hate waiting. If there's a distribution that can do the same or similar thing with less dependencies, then I'm more likely to use that.

Today, I decided to make a little solution for that. It's not very elabourate or perfect, but I hope it will be of use to whoever stumbles across it.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; use Config; use LWP::Simple; use XML::LibXML; use Text::Table; #use Data::Dumper qw( Dumper ); use constant CPANDEPS_API_TEMPLATE => ';module=%s' . ';perl=%s;pureper +l=0;os=%s'; #Get the module name my $wanted_module = shift || die("No module name specified!"); #Get the archname my $archname = "any+OS"; $archname = "Linux" if ( $Config{archname} =~ /linux/ ); $archname = 'Windows+%28Win32%29' if ( $Config{archname} =~ /^MSWin32/ + ); #Get the XML for this module print STDERR "Getting XML...\n"; my $xml_url = sprintf( CPANDEPS_API_TEMPLATE, $wanted_module, $Config{version}, $archname ); my $xml_data = LWP::Simple::get($xml_url); #Place that into LibXML my $doc = XML::LibXML->new->load_xml( { string => $xml_data } ); #Get a list of all the required modules print STDERR "Parsing XML...\n"; my @deps = $doc->getElementsByTagName("dependency"); #print Dumper \@deps; #Try to require() each one my %statuses = ( installed => [], missing => [] ); foreach (@deps) { #Get the module name my $required_module = [ $_->getElementsByTagName("module") ]->[0]->string_value(); #print Dumper [ $_->getElementsByTagName("module") ]->[0]; eval("require $required_module;"); my $col = $@ ? "missing" : "installed"; push( @{ $statuses{$col} }, $required_module ); } #Now, we can show which ones we have and don't have print STDERR "Making table...\n"; my $table = Text::Table->new(qw/ Installed Missing /); #Create lines for the headers $table->load( [ map { "-" x length($_) } qw/ Installed Missing / ] ); #Write table my $i = 0; while (1) { last unless ( $statuses{installed}->[$i] || $statuses{missing}->[$ +i] ); $table->load( [ $statuses{installed}->[$i] || "", $statuses{missing}->[$i] | +| "" ] ); $i++; } print "\n$table";

You need XML::LibXML, LWP::Simple, and Text::Table. Yes, it could have been done with less, but those happened to be the first things that came to mind.

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In reply to Check the dependencies of modules you want to install by thomas895

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