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It may be easier to have just the domain name passed in to the script and then the script can handle ALL of the prefixes itself.

Yeah, that sounds sensible.
Here is an example of how you might implement that approach:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use LWP::Simple; DOMAIN: while (my $domain = <DATA>) { chomp($domain); for my $protocol (qw/http https/) { next DOMAIN if test_url("$protocol://$domain"); for my $sub (qw/www web/) { next DOMAIN if test_url("$protocol://$sub.$domain"); } } print "Couldn't get anything from $domain\n"; } sub test_url { my $url = shift; print "Trying $url ..."; my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new( timeout => 5, agent => 'Mozilla/5.0', ssl_opts => { verify_hostname => 0 }, ); my $response = $ua->get($url); if ($response->is_success) { print "OK\n"; return 1; } else { print "FAILED because " . $response->status_line . "\n"; return undef; } } __DATA__
Trying ...OK Trying ...OK Trying ...OK Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't connect t +o (Bad hostname '') Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't conne +ct to (Bad hostname ' +') Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't conne +ct to (Bad hostname ' +') Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't connect +to (getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname provide +d, or not known) Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't conn +ect to (getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname + provided, or not known) Trying ...FAILED because 500 Can't conn +ect to (getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname + provided, or not known) Couldn't get anything from


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    [stevieb]: james28909: what's the problem/question?
    [james28909]: it is not an absolute date like "27" or "31". sometimes it is like wednesday or friday
    [james28909]: and i need to format those special instances into an absolute date instead of "yesterday"
    [stevieb]: ask a question on SoPW, and include at least a half-dozen examples of the input, and at least one example of expected output
    [davido]: Exactly: SoPW. This isn't going to be solved easily in the CB.
    [james28909]: in need "yesterday" and so on, to be absolute like "1" or "31"
    [stevieb]: ...and throw some of your existing code into the equation as well, just so readers know you've given a try at it ;)
    [james28909]: ok
    [stevieb]: davido thanks for the link ;) I was being the typical lazy
    [davido]: date parsing is hard. The more examples you can provide of the input (within reason) and expected output, the better.

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